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2014-01-10 02:42:22 CAAAAKE!!! Thanks @silverstripe :-) http://t.co/g9pdd5ZIZX

2013-08-21 03:39:08 @_kellydare @Herbertimo sure do, especially if it is or can be done in #silverstripe

2013-07-19 22:30:02 @haydenraw @Livininthestix would be keen, can it be written in silverstripe?

2013-07-05 01:43:28 @davemosk We would be keen to talk ^MG

2013-07-02 06:32:06 @LivCramond thanks! Hope we get to do more work with you guys soon ^MG

Meet the team

 We have an incredibly dedicated team, armed with a experimental nature and a thirst for knowledge. Our team is confident in a range of web technologies including php, html, css, Javascript, MySQL.

Matt Gunn


Ben Manu

Lead Developer

Darren Inwood

Senior Developer

Sam Costigan


Dylan S.


Tim Kung

Project Managment

Jesse Cogswell


Carmen Harji


Mark Coates


Helen Frost

Project Manager


SilverStripe CMS

Stripe the Web uses SilverStripe to build our clients websites that give them the
freedom to easily update and edit their own content when ever they wish. SilverStripe
is a content management system (CMS) which has been developed right here in
Wellington. Because of this we have the luxury of having a large and local community
at our fingertips, allowing us to sail through any technical issues that may arise and
deliver great results.


Here at Stripe the Web we offer a free consultation. Come visit the team and we can
discuss and brainstorm a solution which suits you and your budget.


Don’t have an existing design for your project or simply want to give your old site
design a face lift? Not only do we produce reliable and functional code we also
provide awesome and well thought out designs for web. Our designer Simon has an
excellent feel for space and produces work very quickly.


Our team offers ongoing support for our clients we have four support plans which you
can pay a monthly fee for (excluding casual support).


We have an incredibly dedicated team, armed with a experimental nature and a thirst
for knowledge. Our team is confident in a range of web including php, html, css,
Javascript, MySQL.

Come on in, say hello.

Come in for a chat, we’re a friendly bunch, we promise we won’t bite.
We look forward to meeting you.



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